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October 1, 2018



Alison Lim 



Class of 2021


What superpower do you wish you had?

The superpower I wish I had would be teleportation. It would save me a lot of time from going to places. Teleportation also could help me motivate myself to get more things done. Most importantly it would let me be able to sleep a good extra minutes in the mornings.



What motivates you the most?

What motivates me the most is having a

schedule everyday on what to do. I need to have things to motivate me to get out of bed early and do productive things. If I don't I tend to just stay in bed and end up losing track of time while reading on my phone. On those days I'm slow at moving around and getting things done for the rest of the day.


How important do you think It Is to ‘Build Character’?

I think it is important to build character. Whether it's for others or for yourself because it will be beneficial both ways. Others will have a good opinion of you. While for yourself it will make it feel like it was all worth it at the end.


What qualities do you admire in other people?

The qualities I admire in people are them being supportive and trusting. I consider these qualities easy to find from the people around me. For me knowing that there is going to be a person supporting my reason of choice is always going to be reinsuring for me. Trust is something I find in people as to talk to them about my personal matters of life in the moment.


How would you like to be remembered?

I probably want to be remembered by someone just knowing about my existence. It doesn't need to be anything special. It would be nice to know that others remembered you for whatever reason it may be. It doesn't matter whether the opinion they had of you were good or bad as long as they knew and remembered of my existence.


What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your life?

The most valuable lesson I learned in my life is don't be afraid and believe in yourself. I used to be constantly in doubt of myself because I was afraid for whatever the reason was. There was always a reason that caused me to be afraid and stopped me from stepping forward. To this day I still find myself doing this but I know that I have improved a lot than before.


 What is your favorite TV show and character?

I don't watch any TV shows but I do watch k-dramas time to time when I have time. One of my favorite recent k-drama I watched is called Goblin. This drama compared to the rest was a lot more unique than the others which attracted me. My favorite character in this drama is the main male lead. He is someone who people were able to feel a lot of different emotions for.


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life I would eat sushi. Although I'm not a big fan of seafood sushi is one of the many exceptions. When I was little after a long trip sushi was something I had as a dinner with all my family gathered. Sushi was also something I casually ate when I headed out with my family when I was little. So in short whenever I eat sushi I get reminded of my childhood.


What is it like to be part of HIM Leadership Crew?

Being apart of the HIM Leadership Crew is something that lets me grow into a more interactive and responsible person. Since my work is to welcome people I have to interact with multiple people online which is something that I would have never considered doing a long time ago. I've become more responsible by having certain things to do by certain times which means that I had to have a better management of my time to get things done.


How has HIM affected your life so far?

HIM has affected my life so far by letting me get to know more people around me and help me interact better with people when I'm volunteering. When we volunteer we meet a lot of others who also volunteer around our age group that lets me interact more. While I'm also volunteering I meet a lot of other people who I don't know at all. Interacting with unknown and different people for hours helps me get more used to that kind of environment which makes me feel more comfortable.












































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