Officer Spotlight

May 3, 2019


Rhea Lyer

Events Senior Coordinator


Lowell Class of 2022










If you became invisible for 10 minutes RIGHT NOW, what would you do?

If I could be invisible for 10 minutes right now, I would prank my family and friends. I would move things around and try to scare the people around me. I would also go shopping and get some free food :)


What motivates you the most?

My friends motivate me a lot because they are so supportive and encouraging that it makes me feel motivated to do more.


How important do you think It Is to ‘Build Character’?

It’s very important to build character. Building your character can lead to making more friends since you learn to better reveal your best qualities to the world. Building your character can benefit you in many different ways and can cause you to feel more proud of you and your friends' accomplishments.


What is your current HIM position and what are your responsibilities in that position?

I am currently an Events Senior Coordinator. My responsibilities are teaching the new Events Crew members about the different tasks that come with being in the Events Department. I also help with Events planning, such as assigning callers or doing waivers.


How do you want to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as someone who left an impact on the most people possible. I want to have helped many people and have created many relationships. I would like people to think of me as caring and as a good friend to all.


What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your life?

One important lesson I’ve learned is that it’s okay to relax and take a break sometimes. I think a lot of students who try to work as hard and as much as they can and they tend to burn themselves out. I’ve realized the value of breaks and how they can be just as important as getting the work done.


What is your favorite TV show and character?

Currently, my favorite TV show is Kim’s Convenience because it’s very funny. I enjoy watching it with friends so we can all laugh at the jokes. My favorite character is Mr. Kim because he’s the funniest, in my opinion.


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?

I would eat strawberries because they are very filling and very delicious. They taste very good and I never feel like I don’t want a strawberry.


What is it like to be part of HIM Leadership Crew?

It’s a lot of responsibility but it’s very fun. You get to see how an organization is run and how you are helping it run. It’s a great place to meet people and learn valuable life skills.


How has HIM affected your life so far?

I’ve been able to go to events and really see how my volunteering affected other people. I’ve been able to see how much I can help the community. I now try to sign up for as many events as possible. HIM has also shown me how much I love talking to people. I love being helpful and being able to bring a smile to someone’s face.


What advice can you offer to those thinking of joining the Leadership Program?

I think that people thinking of joining leadership should try to talk to as many people as possible during events and online. This is very useful to help you have a good experience in leadership and to make connections to see which departments you would like more.




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